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AES Development completes insurance repair and re-commissioning of a 100 ft. Skystream 3.7 wind turbine after being struck by lightning. January 2015.

- General Information -

To find out more information on how your facility can benefit from our energy saving solutions utilizing distributed generation with:

  • Wind Power
  • Solar PV
  • Natural Gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • New Project Development
  • Aging Boiler and HVAC Systems
  • Guaranteed Energy Saving Contracts
Please take a minute or two to review our Services and Reference Material pages.

Alternate Energy Solutions Development, LLC provides support service on wind turbine for Illinois client and units rated 100 kW or less..

IRS and Department of Treasury re-institute 30% Investment Tax Credit for individual wind turbines having nameplates not exceeding 100 kW thru December 31st, 2016. Allow us to help you maximized your renewable wind energy investment.

Business and Investment Professionals are welcome to contact us for more information and discuss project evaluation for their portfolios.

Please call our representatives for more information or submit a contact request. We have representative offices in Illinois and Michigan.

- News Articles and Report Downloads -

Electric Rates Michigan Public Service Commission (updated each month)*

Report: Wind Power Provides Huge Energy Saving during Polar Vortex January 2015

Rhode Island PUC grants 24% electric rate increase on December 23, 2014

Market Realist Report: Factors driving up electricity on December 22, 2014

Texas study on Impacts of Environmental Regulations (pdf) December 16, 2014

Los Angeles focus $8 billion wind energy storage system by Duke and Dresser-Rand

NYISO Distributed Energy Outlook for New York State, September 22, 2014

Washington, D.C. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse discussing Climate, July 30, 2014 (video)

AES Wind Resource completes fatal-flaw study for international mining company and New York financers in the polar desert tundra of Arctic Circle. Client intends 60 MW diesel generation offset with 15 MW wind power.

AES Wind Resource completes study for Heartland Community College. The Vestas 1.65 MW wind turbine is performing well with respect to energy generation.
Heartland Community College Turbine Video